Eco Packaging & Deliveries


Events By You is proud to have partnered with a few different Eco Friendly suppliers that allows us to send our items out without hurting the planet.

So who do we use and why?


At Hero Packaging, we use their compostable padded mailers to ship our items (not including large signage) to our customers around Australia. The padding is made from 70%-80% PBAT – a biodegradable co-polymer and 20%-30% PLA – biodegradable refined cornstarch. 

To compost these at your home, all you need to do is cut the shipping mailers up and use them as brown materials in your compost bin. They then take anywhere from 90-150 days to break up if disposed of correctly (instructions will be attached).

The padded mailers are also reusable with a double adhesive strip! Simply cut along the flap and use the second sealable strip to package your item up again.

We also use compostable labels on our packaging. The compostable adhesive used on the Hero Labels are non-toxic and safe for composting. This also means the adhesive is not as aggressive as toxic adhesives which aren’t compostable.

To learn more click here to head to their website.


At Heaps Good Packaging we use their Hex Wrap! A sustainable way to pack all our delicate items for shipment.

The most sustainable alternative to bubble wrap and it’s not only fully compostable but recyclable too! That means you can dispose of it whichever way you’d like.

Made from Expandable Kraft FSC Certified paper, super long-lasting, packs fragile items, perfect replacement for bubble wrap and the honeycomb structure interlocks without needing tape and cushions contents for safe dispatch.

For some of our bigger items, we need to use Ecotape. Completely hand tearable and the world’s first bio-based sticky tape, using natural rubber adhesive and made from PLA.

Ecotape is certified to break down in a commercial compost facility within 60 days, however for home composting it can take a little longer. Nonetheless Ecotape will decompose with zero toxicity so worms and microorganisms can get in on the action.

To learn more click here to head to their website.


Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping service.

Every time Events By You sends a parcel, Sendle offset the carbon emissions and invest in remarkable environmental projects.

For every tonne of carbon dioxide Sendle releases into the air while delivering parcels, they cancel it out by supporting projects that combat climate change. We also have a say in which causes they choose to support each year and this year we are helping to protect the biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon, endangered native species in Victoria, Australia, and the pristine wilderness and wildlife in Alaska, USA.

 Zero. That’s precisely the carbon footprint of every shipment you get from Sendle. So, that must feel good.

To learn more click here to head to their website.